Why is it Time for YOU!?

My wife and I watch a lot of “Biggest Loser” on NBC. maui personal trainer

I find it inspirational in a lot of ways.  When I’m at the gym working, I often think that someone who was 100 pounds heavier than me ran faster and worked harder than I’m working now.  That gives me a push to be better.

Work hard!

Work hard and smile!

When people are asked about why they haven’t taken the time to get themselves in shape, the answer isn’t:  “I’m too far from the gym” or “I can’t stop eating”, it’s often:

“I spend my time taking care of everyone else.” wailea personal trainer

Can you relate?  Do you work long hours, have kids to take care of, never ending errands, and meals to make?  Is there always a massive to-do list that makes you think you don’t have time for exercise? wailea personal trainer

Let’s make some time…it’s there and a dose of endorphins will make the rest of your day that much easier for you.  Not only will you look and feel better because of exercise, but you will also become a better spouse, mom, dad, or co-worker.

Let’s talk about scheduling some time….some Time for YOU!  You won’t regret it.