Jumpstart YOUR Fitness

Package 3:  Jumpstart YOUR Fitness: $280

Start right here!

Start right here!

Complimentary Consultation:  I want to make sure that every Time for YOU Fitness client starts off on the right foot.  This is why I like to meet with my clients before we begin a program.  We have a lot of options for chatting whether it’s via phone or Skype, in person over a coffee, or even before our first workout at the gym.  

Fitness Assessment:  Whether or not you’d like to assess body fat percentage, waist measurement, and weight is up to you.  Your medical history, workout history, and other pieces of information are necessary to ensure your safety and our efficacy. 

Four (4), Private, 50-Minute Sessions This is just you and me.  We are both focused on you! You will work harder here with my individual guidance and there will be very little down time.  That means, your goals will be met even quicker!

Access to YOUR Workouts: Can’t remember what we did last Tuesday? No problem. I have your tailored workout available through your password protected Client Log-in page on this site. Refer back to old workouts and track your progress, get ideas, or review some notes I made. This will help you refine your focus and get you pumped for your next workout.

Diet Guidance:  Remember, I want you to succeed and part of the battle is figuring out some easy and lean meal options. I’ll teach you about nutrition, portions, and some generally good habits, so you can be just as productive at home (and at restaurants) as you are in the gym.