Channy – 29 Yrs. old

Channy did have a tough start to her fitness, but she also had a determination to get things right! With that mindset and some consistency, she had no problem meeting her goals. 

Working out with Ty did not feel like working out. It was about having fun and really taking that time out of my busy schedule to make time for myself.

I started working out with Ty in May 2014, and although I had a slow start to realizing what it mean to take time out for myself, Ty did not give up on me. He is incredibly knowledgeable in the fitness realm and always provided different strategies and techniques to make my workout fun and enjoyable.

I’ve worked out with different fitness instructors before, and none of them are comparable. Ty takes his time to explain the exercise and the benefits of doing it. He is more of a coach and mentor, not just an instructor, ensuring that you fully understand why you’re doing the exercise you’re doing. Basically, if you don’t understand the reasoning, you won’t realize the benefits. My family could see a positive difference in my mood and attitude, not just with my appearance, when I took time out for myself.

Thanks, Ty for reminding us that we CAN make time for ourselves every day, even if it’s just 30 minutes!

No, thank you Channy for working so hard!