Braden – 30 Yrs. Old

Braden was someone who had always lifted and was taught excellent form. He just needed a kickstart back into fitness.  So, I kickstarted him up and down the gym. 

I began working out with Ty in June of 2014, and although I knew I only had about five months of personal training with him before his big move from Washington to Hawaii, he actually had me looking forward to getting started with my program from our first conversation about it. The thing that I was really surprised to learn about Ty was that, once upon a time, he had actually been pretty overweight and had struggled with a lot of the same challenges that I have faced for most of my life. This is just one of the ways he connects with his clients though. He made the decision to change his lifestyle and through that commitment discovered his passion for fitness and helping others by improving his own life first. After having worked out with many other trainers over the years, I knew right away that Ty was a rare find. He is driven, positive-thinking, ready help you reach your goals, and then set new ones!

Ty is also incredibly knowledgeable in his profession. He knows about nutrition, various different exercises and styles of workouts, proper form, how to workout with injuries if possible and even how to help avoid injuries. Not only that but he makes a hard workout seem fun somehow and he is genuinely excited to see you make weekly progress. Beyond the gym, it is also really cool that Ty takes the time to design new workouts for you before every session and that he checks up on you in the days following your sessions to see how you’re feeling. He knows where you’ll be sore and will show you how to stretch various muscle groups in order to help you recover quicker from a hard workout. Ty is a rockstar, I cannot recommend him enough after my training experience. He truly cares about his clients and we here in Seattle already miss him as we continue the workouts created for us.

Thank you for everything, Ty

(Except maybe those sled pushes… Those are just mean.)

You da man!

Braden Landon, Seattle WA

Thank you Braden for letting me work with you!