My Training Philosophy

Strength Training is key

Strength Training is key

I am a big believer in working hard and being consistent in what you do.  That carries over to my training style as well.  Depending on your goals, we’ll be working hard and working quickly.  We’ll definitely be spending some time in the weight room!

It’s perfectly normal to be worried about “getting too big” or having a fear of injury with weights, but that’s why I’m there to help you.  Before you know it, you’ll be losing inches and feeling more confident doing exercises you never thought you’d be doing.

I’m also a very big believer in the mind/body connection.  I suggest this method to focus on the muscle group you should be working and really feeling it.  You use your “mind’s eye” to do this.  I know you’re thinking to yourself: “Of course, I’m going to feel my muscles when I’m working!”  Well, yes, but are they the right ones?  If you concentrate with your mind, your body will follow. By emphasizing the mind/body connection, you’ll be more in-tune with your body allowing you to recruit not only more muscle fibers, but different ones as well.

Resistance Training is Key

Resistance Training is key

When we work, we’ll work quickly, so that you’ll be burning calories, keeping your heart rate up, and getting the most out of your workout.  This is the best of both worlds!  You’ll not only be burning calories, but you’ll be getting stronger as well.  If you’re goal is to look good in a wedding dress, then this is how we’ll work. Guys, don’t worry.  If you’re goal is to gain some size, we’ll slow it down, build you up, and get you ripped.

Ultimately, we’ll be tailoring programs to your needs.  I don’t believe in a one size fits all training, but you’ll certainly see some similarities.

Make a commitment today to take that first step and before you know it, you’ll be rockin’ that wedding dress, outrunning friends in flag football, or getting into those smaller jeans.